About the course:

This course utilizes mindfulness practices to be more productive by managing your time. Through this six week journey, you will uncover barriers that are keeping you stuck, identify areas where you are wasting time, and learn how to set clear and realistic goals that will increase your capacity to deliver results and find balance in your life.


We lead busy lives and are often running on autopilot, distracted, with misaligned priorities, and are poor managers of our time. Because of this, our relationships and self-care are left on the back burner. Our personal and professional lives suffer. We don’t have time for ourselves or our passions.


This course uses mindfulness as the main tool to tackle time management. Our team of professionals will deliver strategies to not only to keep you present but also increase your productivity. 

You will learn

● To create more balance with your schedule

● Set your priorities and goals effectively

● Tactics on how to work less and accomplish more

● A variety of meditation techniques that will improve your focus

This course is for you if you are:

● Feeling stuck and confused about your next steps

● A professional looking for time tactics to level up your business

● Overworked or lack clear boundaries in work schedule

● Distracted or unable to prioritize your goals

● Struggling with balance in your personal and professional life

● Stressed and frustrated about never having enough time

Meet Your Teacher!

Hello, I’m Tamara Torres. I founded Optima Results Coaching to help busy professionals take their businesses to the next level by implementing time and energy management solutions to increase productivity. As someone who plays multiple roles as an entrepreneur, employee, mother, and partner, I know the struggle is real! My background in psychology and integrative medicine, along with 10,000+ coaching interactions and 20 years of mindfulness meditation practice, has allowed me to hone a unique skillset to help clients achieve results. In my course, I teach a simple framework that is applicable to your life and implemented in real-time. 

Learn from the experts! Meet our Co-Teachers:

Kyoko Katayama

Kyoko, before her recent retirement, practiced psychotherapy for over 35 years as a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW). She received her MSW in Clinical Social Work and Ph.D. in Cross-cultural and Transpersonal Psychology. Kyoko is a senior member and dharma teacher at Common Ground Meditation Center where she also teaches a class on Befriending Death. As an end of life educator, Kyoko offers support for life transitions through mindful living and conscious dying.

Gwen Scherr
Gwen is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT) and Certified Yoga Instructor. She has a deep understanding of how trauma, pain, and stress in our everyday lives show up in our bodies and impact our mental health. Through her training she is able to support clients and students to build awareness of their bodies, listen to them and understand the interconnectedness of mindful movement to care for and nurture ourselves and to release stored trauma and pain. 
Camille A. Thomas

Camille is certified coach, serial entrepreneur, and world traveler with over 10 years of experience driving results. After starting her career in community and public health, she began working in the corporate sector. Camille became a certified personal and professional life coach in 2009 and she founded the Vision Investment Coaching and Consulting firm in 2015. She has coached and consulted over 5,000 employees and executives in various positions at Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies, philanthropic organizations, government agencies, and small businesses throughout the United States and around the world. Camille made it her life's work to help women realign their vision and renew their confidence to move forward and take action to experience their desired results.

Susan Kavanaugh 

Described as a powerhouse marketing professional with years of award-winning communications’ programs, Susan’s emphasis on conscious branding, integrated business communications and strategic planning generates high demand across the United States. Susan is a certified life and business coach, pastoral counselor, and nationally-acclaimed public speaker. She coaches C-Level executives in public speaking and incorporating conscious communications in the workplace. She holds a bachelors in Communications, a masters in Divinity, and several professional certifications in conflict resolution, interpersonal communications, and neurodiversity in the workplace.

The course includes:

● Weekly live trainings

● One-on-one coaching sessions

● Access to a team of experts

● Guided meditations

● Exercises to clarify your priorities

● Tools to track time

● Exclusive Facebook group where you can access training replays, special sessions, resources, bonuses, & more

2020 has forced us to take a step back and focus on what matters most. You want to be more productive without sacrificing balance. The course tools and strategies help you to improve awareness, gain control over your mindset and become fully present.

Are you ready to take back your time? There is no time like the present to start your journey!

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Here’s are some rave reviews from Tamara’s clients:

After just one conversation with Tamara, I felt more control over my to-do list and my time. She listened to my goals, my concerns, and my history of time management struggles without judgment. Within a week, I was crossing items off my list that I never thought I'd get done.

Michal R., New York, NY

Working with Tamara helped me to be more conscious of how I was spending my time. As a result of the strategies we discussed, I implemented new routines that are supporting me to better manage time and energy while I work from home during COVID-19. I definitely recommend Tamara if you want to improve your work-life balance and get laser-focused on your priorities!

Esther W., Los Angeles, CA